Griffin Death

Focus: Griffin death sequence and bounty rewards. Player death and respawn. Once the griffin’s health reaches zero, a selection of rewards specific to the griffin will spawn, as well as the griffin’s head in order to receive the bounty reward. **See more of Doe Eye Digital at Griffin Death Rewards The griffin spawns a […]

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Griffin Idle Behaviors

Focus: Griffin behaviors during unaware states. What the Griffin does while it is waiting for the player to show up. While the griffin is unaware of the player, it will wonder around a specific area. The griffin will choose a behavior and/or move to the next wave point. **See more of Doe Eye Digital at […]

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Focus: Weapon setup using found assets and Invector 3rd Person Melee Controller The weapon assets are from the MMORPG Weapons pack found on the Unity Assets Store. They were set up and added to the weapon inventory using Invector’s 3rd Person Melee Controller. **See more of Doe Eye Digital at Weapon Prefabs Each weapon […]

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Inventory System

Focus: Prototype of the inventory system, basic crafting, and item actions The inventory system in Bounty is a main mechanic that controls many gameplay actions within the game. **See more of Doe Eye Digital at Pickups Pickup items range from logs to weapons. While still in the environment, pickups are indicated by a glowing […]

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UI Artwork Mock-Up

Focus: Inventory Interface, Bounty Interface, Heads Up Display, Icons, and Artwork Bounty has a primitive style inspired by prehistoric cave paintings. The UI artwork shows simple geometric forms and earthy tones displayed in these ancient painting. In addition, a texture was added to show age on the artwork to enhance the overall feel of the […]

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Level Design

Focus of this blog is to show the development of Bounty’s level Bounty takes place on an island surrounded on all sides by water. There are 3 separate villages that are found on the island, the townhouse village, the tree village, and the mountain village. Each village will have a different bounty monster. Please see […]

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